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    HELP!! Powermac G5 trouble diagnosing problem
    Hi All,

    My powermac g5 was running fine last night then booted it up this morning and NOTHING.

    I'm having trouble diagnosing the problem and any advice would be great.

    At the momment when you press the on button the computer sounds like it is starting up but the screen doesnt switch on at all.....I have tried it on 2 monitors with different cables and then tried the monitor with my other computer and they seem to be fine....

    Does that mean it could be the graphics card issue?

    Also the computer is not making the usual apple BONG sound when booting...

    any ideas on how I can work out what is wrong with the system would be great as i'm not quite sure how to start

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    It could be the graphics card but it could be a few other things as well. Can we assume that once powered on the machine stays on? The power button stays lit.

    Which G5 is this BTW? Specs Please. iMac vs. tower, memory, etc)

    If I remember correctly (I may not) there are a couple of LEDs on the board of the G5 that can give an indication of problems. Where they are and what they mean varies somewhat by model.

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