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    Question Mac wont read it's own data DVD's~
    I had burned 3 dvd's containing 3 or more folders of pictures on each disk. When I install these in a dvd player the folders all show up and when one is chosen a slide show begins as it is supposed to. When I put the disks in the mac that created them it says there is "0" k on disk. If I drop them on dvd player it says this file type is not supported......!!!! It made them!????? ~ Running 10.5.8 on a mac G4 933mhz ( old girl but still chuggin along)

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    DVD Player is expecting to find a DVD with movie content in the same format as a commercial DVD. Where it says 0k on disc is that for space used or space still available? Insert the disc in the Mac, select the disc and choose Get Info. What does the information say for space used?

    Space available is going to say 0 because once the disc has been burned and "closed" no more data can be added to the disc.

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    In get info "general" it says 8k on disk for 0 items ......Under brning it says Media Capacity 4.38GB ...
    Content size 1.3MB ....This is what is confusing me under general it thinks there is 8k & 0 items but under burning it seems to know there is 1.3MB there but it's ???invisable???

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