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    iMac Memory Upgrade Issues
    I have a 2007 iMac(2.4 Ghz "20 running Snow Leopard) with 1 MB of RAM. I recently purchased 4 MB of Kingston RAM from NewEgg (2 x 2 MB). When I put both 2 MB sticks in the slots, the computer does not start up (it shows the blank screen and you can hear the hard drive whirring, that's it). But when I use the orginal 1 MB stick in the left slot (only the left slot) and any one of the 2 MB sticks in the right slot, it starts up and shows 3 MB of memory.

    And yes, the RAM was installed correctly each time and I've made sure the slot area is dust free and all that good stuff.

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    Mactracker shows that your machine can take up to 6 GB of memory. The 2 modules of 2 GB each should have worked. It's possible the modules you purchased are not up to spec and or are mismatched and won't work together.

    Send them back to NewEgg and buy your memory from either Crucial or OWC. I've been buying memory from OWC for years and have never received a mismatched set or bad module from them.

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