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    Touched hard drive circuit board, ruined??
    I had water damage to my Macbook a few days ago so I took it to the Apple store. My computer is gone, but my hard drive was ok. I took hard drive home so we could buy the device to copy data to new computer.
    Tonight I took out hard drive and held it not on the sides but on the curcuit board while holding my iPhone (plugged into wall) in other hand because I was trying to get info. Yes, dumb! So, is my hard drive definitely ruined??? It'll be a few days before we can attempt to get data copied. I'm freaking out!

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    You're probably OK. Just touching the circuit board shouldn't be a problem unless you are putting a lot of pressure on the board or have some kind of static discharge. It's not a great habit to get into but I have done it a few times.
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    I have done that by accident many times, not holding a phone but other things. I doubt you hurt it. If you slid on the carpet and a spark hit it from your finger then I would be concerned!

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