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Thread: Power mac g5 intenral dvd writer

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    Power mac g5 intenral dvd writer
    Hi There
    Have a POWER MAC G5 DUAL 2.0GHZ w/4GBs RAM. It has a HITACHI model
    HL-DT-ST DVD-RW GWA-4028B internal DVD writer. A few years back I was given a few 16X DVD-R blanks to use. Tried to use a couple & they failed. A call to APPLE. They told me that at that time this model drive would not read or use 16X DVD's but there might be a driver update in the future. Right now the only way I can get 8X DVD blanks is on-line, the stores don't carry them & say they can't even order them. Has anybody heard of or used a new driver for this model drive recently. I have a call to TECH SUPPORT at HITACHI & am waiting for thier response.

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    It would be a firmware update not so much a driver.
    If you can 't find any resolution, you can pick up a MP 1,1 optical drive off ebay for not much money if you like Apple versions. If you don't much care I have yet to find an IDE Optical drive that doesn't work.
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    Just install a newer pioneer model into that G5, they are fairly cheap, work without additional drivers and even burn dual layer DVDs

    Just search for the pioneer drives, anything from the 115D upwards should be good, I put one in my old G4 and its a great burner - Buy Pioneer DVR-115D / 20x Internal DVDRW Drive / Black online at and read reviews. Free delivery to UK and Europe!
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