Hello all, I have a mac mini late 2011 with latest Lion installed which I bought about 2 months ago. At the beginning I had it connected on my SAMSUNG 32" LCD TV (HDREADY 720p) via HDMI. It was working properly. The last month I had it connected on my 17" HP TFT monitor via vga adapter.

Yesterday I tried to connect my mini back to the tv. If I have connected only the tv, I can see the starting screen and then it disappears and the tv shows "no signal". If I connect both my HP monitor and my TV (vga and hdmi) then something really strange happens (!) when the tv is on, the mini does not recognize it at all, but if I turn the tv off then the mini recognizes the tv and I can choose the screen resolution.

Note that I have tried with different hdmi cables and at different hdmi ports on the tv.

Any suggestions?