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    Better. Value 13" MBA vs 13" MBP
    Hello, newbie here....

    I am getting a laptop in the coming month and I torn between the 13" MBA vs MBP. At the same price I can't decide which to get. I will be using it for school this fall. I know the pro is more powerful and has a DVD drive, but has lower resolution and hhd, the air is less powerful but is so sleek and has ssd. Please give me your opinions in which will be a better value.

    Thank you!

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    The MBP is user upgradable while the MBA isn't. Down the line when you have the cash you could upgrade the RAM and a bigger HDD or SSD for the MBP. You won't be able to do that on the MBA that easily.

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    I didn't think of that, thx. So I can't add ram to MBA? And is there a space for an additional ssd for the MBP? Or do u have to remove the hhd?

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    mbp can be 1 hhd and 1 ssd with data doubler by taking out super drive or just 1 ssd and leave super drive as is.

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