Well, my amazing Powermac is now 6 months old, with constant use, and it's as good as ever! I bought it, added 2 gigs of RAM, a new video card, a TV tuner card, and even put two 12" cold cathode tubes in the case to give it a cool blue glow out the front grille. Powermac will even talk to my almost 5 year old wintel laptop which it replaced (I still use that for web surfing and road trips cause it has wireless.)

I use my computer for literally everything, from posting on these forums, to finances, video editing, word processing, music, DVDs, and DEFINITELY GAMES! Whoever said macs are no good for gaming never saw mine in action. The stability and ease of the OS makes it that much better.

This machine makes me darn glad I went with mac!

The only issue it has is with the Alchemy TV DVR software, which will close unexpectedly sometimes when I change the channel or come up with no sound until I reboot- but even that gets better with every update.

So in the interests of all you people Maccin' it out there, here's a thread from a very satisfied mac user who has had zero problems despite modifying the heck out of his computer.