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    Please Help, Processor Screws
    I have a Quicksilver 2001 G4. I stupidly removed the processor and do not know how to put it back. Do any of you guys know which screws go in which screw hole? The processor is suppossed to draw 12V DC directly from the logic board via a fourth screw hole. I have three short screws, and a fourth longer screw. I also have three offsets that screww into the logic board and one that is loose. I am assuming the loose one goes underneath the powered fourth screwhole on the processor daughtercard. I am so frustrated because I cannot find any pictures anywhere showing which screws and offsets go in which holes. If anyone with a quicksilver or MMD could take of their heat sink and take a picture that would be great.

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    Two pretty good sites to check for diagrams and instructions:

    iFixit: The free repair manual

    Mac Repair - Mac Parts and Service for Apple Macbook, iPhone, iPad

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    Ifixit is worthless. It skips the step I need completely. I need someone to take a peek in thier comp and tell me what to do.

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