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Thread: Have a Trinitron Micron monitor and bought a Mini Mac but it doesnt work

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    Have a Trinitron Micron monitor and bought a Mini Mac but it doesnt work
    I have an old (5years)Micron computer-Winxp w/monitor that connect to the CPU port. I got from work a Mac mini and I want to use one monitor , one keyboard and one mouse w/both computers. I bought a Iogear miniview KVM switch model CGS62 And right off the bat, I noticed that my keyboard and mouse of course are PS/2 and the mini is USB. But this shouldnot be a problem b/c they do sell PS/2 adapter to-USB.

    But problem is that I couldnot see my mini on the monitor , I called Apple Tech support and they said not to use the KVM unit and connect the mini to the monitor directly. It did work.

    When I bought the KVM unit at PC Club it said it should work w/my mini .

    I am wondering if I did something wrong. Anyone have any suggestions?

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    Has anyone ever use a KVM switch?

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    It's got to be something to do with the KVM as when you hook it up to the Mini directly it works. I have a Micron branded 19" Trinitron on my mini and it works great but never used a KVM. I hear that some brands don't work right with the Mini. I think it's been talked about here on Mac Forums, so do a search. I will do some research on that IOGear KVM and see if anyone else has luck with it and a Mini.

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