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    What's the difference between a Caviar and Caviar Blue HD
    Hello again People.

    I noticed when looking for a new Hard Drive for my G4 MDD that the new HD can only go up to 250gb IDE with a 7200 rpm and 8mb Buffer.

    so when I was looking for a suitable second hand refurbished Hard Drive to buy I noticed that the Western Digital HD drive I want to get comes as Caviar Blue model?

    Can any one tell me what the difference is compared to just a normal Caviar Hard Drive? The specs seem the same when I compare the two types of HD.

    Would a Caviar Blue work okay in my G4 MDD?

    Any ideas.

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    The bottom five drives are PATA, formerly known as IDE, which your MDD uses. Just make sure you order a PATA and not SATA model.

    WD Caviar Blue
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    At one time WD drives used to be called plain Caviar then they put out different grades. The Caviar Green is the lowest priced, the Blue in the middle and the Black top end.

    The BLue is a fine hard drive. Like Harry said, just be sure it's a PATA drive and NOT SATA.

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