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    Smile Tower or iMac
    It's getting about time to replace my G5, which my virtual assistant drives from her home office iMac. She uses the G5 to log on to my Mac Pro, where all files are stored, answer emails, work on the web in Basecamp, and occasionally she places a 20-30 mb file into InDesign to present work to clients.

    My question is, should the G5 be replaced with a tower or will an iMac be sufficient for this type of work? I have a great local tech who has set up all my systems for 15 years, but capitalism being what it is, I know he'll recommend the highest-price solution. :-) I also believe we get what we pay for, so I'd like a "second opinion" from experts here, before I talk to him.


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    Why don't you wait a bit to make a decision? The new iMacs should be announced later this month (June). The Mac Pro of course is the top of the Mac line, however, no one is sure whether or not Apple will continue to refresh or upgrade them. To answer your question on whether an iMac would suffice, and based on the requirements you stated, I would say yes.

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    Thanks for the tip, chscag. I was unaware that new iMacs will be released this month.

    Any idea when we'll know whether Apple will refresh or upgrade the MacPro? What I have done in the past is give my assistant my computer and use a newer model myself. I wouldn't mind saving a few bucks this time around, but if Apple abandons the MacPro, that could be a mistake. Sigh. I keep upgrading hardware and software and the only thing that really changes is my checkbook balance. :-)

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    Well michele we only think iMacs will be released June 11 at WWDC. Like you am waiting for the new iMac so fingers crossed.
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    I think an iMac would be perfectly fine, but having a nicer Mac Pro won't kill anyone.
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