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    Got My iMac Screen Replaced, Now It's Worse Than Ever
    I have a 2 year old iMac. About 6 months ago I noticed some blooming in the top corners of the screen and decided, since I had AppleCare, to get it fixed. At first it was great but I sit here now and the replacement has ended up worse than ever. The entire screen has dirt brown smudges all over it. I know they are inside the screen and not the glass plate. I would like this fixed again but am afraid it'll just end up the same. Should I do it? Wish I'd never bothered in the first place now...

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    The obvious answer is to take it back to the Apple store where you had the screen replaced and ask them to repair it again.

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    It should have a 60 or 90 day warranty for the work that they performed on the mac.

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