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Thread: MacBook Pro 2010: extreme, continious lag

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    MacBook Pro 2010: extreme, continious lag
    Hello! Hope any of you have time to help me figure out whats wrong with my MacBook Pro 2010
    Last friday i was playing Diablo3 when i suddenly experianced heavy, unusual lag. I tried to reboot to see if that could even things out. No success. It took longer then usual to boot up, and when i finally reached the login-windows asking for password, it wouldent react to my typing and clicking for about 5 minutes. I could move around the mouse and the keyboard did get signal (it un-dimmed the scren when i pushed any key after letting it dim over time).

    Then i tried to do a clean install of OS X Snow Leopard (formating the drive and then install). After longer then usual,reached the "choose your language" window. This window too had extreem long respond-time. I managed to start the installation but it stopped at 33minutes remaining, giving me the "Install Failed" window. this told me "Mac OS X could not be installed on your computer. The installer could not copy the necessary support fies. Click restart to restart your computer and try again.". I tried it again but it gave me the same result.

    It made me believe the hardware was the problem. First i swapped the Optical Drive with an older version MacBook (2008), this gave me the same install-problem (stopped at 33mins left)

    Then i swapped HDD with the older MacBook. It managed to boot and start "normally" with exactly the same problems as the original HDD. The first thing that gets to my mind is that something might be fried inside the computer.

    I restored the original HDD with a working backup using TimeMachine (needless to say i still got the problem). I'm in the middle of my exam-papers, so its reaelly annoying its happening now.
    I also tried installing OS X SL using an external HDD with an image of the installer disk made in disk utilities, but this only gives me "kernel error" during booting (the annoying dimmed screen with a black box in the middle telling you to restart).

    Today i took a look in the Activity Monitor and it shows the CPU acting strange, spending 100-120% on kernel_task ALL the time (see added picture).Is something wrong with the CPU? Is it possible to fry only one core in a CPU leaving the others intact? What do you think might be the problem?

    I have different components available for change as long as they match each other (Macbook Pro 2010 and MacBook 2008).

    incase the image dosent work here is the link to droplr picture Droplr*•*Screen shot 2012-05-27 at 3.46.12 PM.png

    I really hope anyone can help me out!
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