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    G5 Tower performance/Ram
    My PC died last week and I was able to pick up a Mac G5 Tower for a good price. I know that it does not have an Intel cpu which is now essential on a Mac but I only need this computer for emailing, browsing, and some music listening and I am able to use the same 27" monitor and wireless keyboard, mouse, and printer I had.

    The computer has dual 1.8 ghz processors and 3.5 Gigs of Ram. When I load web pages that are picture or data heavy both firefox and safari kind of slow down and lag until the web page is completely loaded. Not a problem with Simple web pages or other apps.
    If I add more ram such as 2 gigs more and bring it up to 5.5 gigs of ram, will this make a significant difference in performance? I know it can take up to 8 gigs of ram.
    I don't want to spend the money on the memory if it is not worth the performance gain. Also , which browser is faster for a mac, firefox or safari? I would use chrome but it is not supported on a non-intel Mac... Every app on it runs very smooth, even resource intensive apps like Adobe Lightroom, so I am even lead to believe that its the actual browsers that could be in need of updates for bugs, but I am not sure.

    Any thoughts or input will be appreciated

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    You asked this same exact question 3 days ago...and received a reply. Please check it out.


    - Nick
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