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Thread: Need help installing 10.4 on an eMac G4

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    Need help installing 10.4 on an eMac G4
    Got an old eMac G4 which somebody tried installing Linux on. I have the Tiger 10.4 DVD but the optical drive keeps rejecting it ( I think it might just be a CDROM). Tried an external IDE DVD to USB connection but it keep telling me to type "mac-boot", but it just recycles. Also, tried holding down the C key during the process. Anyone got any suggestion? Thanks.

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    What kind of Tiger DVD is it? By that I mean is it model specific (gray - silver color) or retail (black)? A model specific Tiger DVD will not work on the eMac unless it's specifically for that model.

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    PowerPC Macs cannot boot from USB, only intel Macs can. It's also very possible that you only have a CD drive. If you do have a retail 10.4 disk, you'll probably want to get an external firewire DVD drive and boot from that.

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    If they put Linux on it the Mac firmware is gone on the my have issues reinstalling a MacOS. If a retail disc want work and boot...take out the HD and reformat it as a Mac external or PC slave and put it back. Then try and load the Mac OS...hold down the C key.

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