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    RAM - Apple or Other?
    I just ordered a refurbed Imac from Apple. There was no option to expand the RAM at the time of purchase, so I will have to add it myself. For previous Macs, I have bought sticks of RAM from CompUSA for a much cheaper price, and they have worked perfectly. Are Imacs more finnicky when it comes to RAM? Would it matter if I bought 3rd party RAM and installed in on the Imac? This seems to be a constant debate between Mac users, some will only purchase Apple Certified RAM, others, like myself, have had great luck with other brands. Please let me know what you guys think!

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    I've had no problems with CompUsa, Crucial or Kingsten memory.....

    FYI Crucial is having a 10%off sale right now

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    Yeah, I just can't see spending $100 + for 512 MB Ram. I'll check out RAMJET also. Thanks!

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    From my PC days, i really couldnt find the difference in make of ram, just as long as the speeds are correct and to your standard then your good. get what you pay for (when it comes to ram)

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    Do not buy from Apple! Their prices rip you off! The lowest prices I found are at, but you need to know the specific specs. You can find specific specs at The 1GB Newegg chip works great on my iBook G4.

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    Dennis L
    Hello, i recently purchased an imac G3 i was wondering if any one knew what the max hard drive space, and max ram it could handle? thanks

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    I just bought a used imac g5 rev a, and it came with 1 gig of ram with a brand I have never heard of. It works perfectly, and really fast, and apparently it was really cheap. But yeah third party ram works great, as long as it says its compatible with apple imac

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