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    May 07, 2012
    Which Mac Mini do I buy?
    I am very tempted to buy a Mac Mini as my main everyday desktop, But I am confused between the base model(i3) and i5 model.My main use will be:

    -Web Browsing
    -Running Virtual Machines (Windows and Linux guests)
    -Programming (Ios and android app programming)
    -Gaming (Fifa 12 and Gta San Andreas)

    Will the Base model of the mac mini suffice for me?I have heard that Intel Graphics ate slow as compared to the AMD Radeon HD 6630M.So which one will You all suggest?

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    mac mini(2011) 2.3ghz dual-core intel i5 8GB ram 120GB SSD, 16GB wi-fi iPad Air 2, 16GB iPhone 5
    All the new Mac minis have i5 chips the one for 599 is 2.3Ghz and the 799 model is 2.5 both dual core. The sever model has a quad core i7.

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