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    Switching from a MBP to Imac or Mac Pro????
    Hi All;

    I have a MBP for a couple of years - I need to make a switch now. I'm debating between the imac Apple 21.5" iMac Desktop Computer Z0M5-0003 B&H Photo Video

    or a mac pro Apple Mac Pro Quad-Core Desktop Computer Workstation MC560LL/A

    A couple of things,

    If i switch to the Mac pro - I will immediately upgrade the ram
    I currently use an Eizo monitor with my MBP - I would like to use that as my only monitor if I purchase the Pro.

    thoughts, advice, pros, cons of each of them would be greatly appreciated.

    I was informed that the Mac Pro has not been upgraded since 2010 & that the Imac has much better technology. I really am very much confused & would greatly appreciate some help.


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    It really depends on what you're going to be using them for. If you're a hardcore photo, video editing and 3D rendering kind of person you might want to go with a Mac Pro. An iMac can handle those almost as well as a Mac Pro but you have a bit more freedom with the Mac Pro. They did bump the specs up of the Mac Pro a little bit at 2012 WWDC.

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    General rule of thumb..

    If you comparing Mac Pro's to iMac's you don't need a Mac Pro.

    Get the iMac and save some money 300 in your case goes along way to a PS purchase or Adobe training.
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    Since you already have an excellent monitor I suggest you get the Mac Pro. Upgrading RAM on either is dead simple, but you do not want to try upgrading the hard drive on an iMac. On the Mac Pro adding three internal HDs is easy.

    The only advantage the iMac has is Thunderbolt. You won't miss that with internal drives.

    Caveat: we really can't give you solid recommendations without knowing what apps you need to use. The Mac Pro is a better PhotoShop machine. The iMac meets 95% of user's needs for less money, and you can use your current monitor in a two-display setup.
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    If it's PS we're using it for I'd still get then iMac the are both 4 cores and the iMacs cores are faster. PS doesn't more than two up until CS6 and the RAM will be faster. If you don't need ECC RAM or the 8-12 cores of the DP model the iMac is the way to go.

    Remember TB is more than for "just storage", it'd be a waste to use it on storage unless it was hooked to a many drive(3-5) RAID 0 box or a couple SSD's RAID 0. If you just using it for a 3 or 4 drives in RAID 5FW is good.
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