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    Upgrading my Processor?

    I was wondering if anyone could help me with a problem I'm having?

    I'm trying to stream HD with my iMac, and I have already done all of the hard stuff, like learning how to use the video, audio, and software to make this possible.
    I already can stream in SD with everything in sync, but when it comes to HD not so good.

    I think this is the duo core processor not being able to process the HD PVR and other software at the same time.

    Is it even Possible to Upgrade the processor to the i7?
    I hope so because this iMac is a hand me down, and I might have to sell it for a PC because they are cheaper.

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    No it is not.

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    Core 2 Duo's and i3/5/7's use different socket types.

    Apple design their hardware in a way that makes this kind of upgrade pretty much impossible.

    So, as Crimson says, unfortunately, you can't.
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    It's probably nothing to do with the processor anyway. The Motorola set-top DVR that was supplied to me by Verizon has a CPU that is several orders of magnitude less powerful than that in your Mac and it can stream video and record 2 HD channels simultaneously with no problem.

    Tell us a bit more about what you mean by "streaming". It almost sounds like you're trying to use your iMac like a DVR, but then you're referring to streaming - which I think refers to downloading video either across the network or across the Internet - and problems with that are far more likely to be related to the bandwidth of your network (particularly if you're using wireless).
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    imac OS X 10.5.8, Intel Core 2 duo, Memory 2GB
    cwa107 Thank you!

    But I'm talking about live video game streaming through twichtv. And My ISP has a fast enough upload.

    I've been using adobe live media encoder with a combo of other things like cam twist, HD PVR capture, sound flower, and my astro mini mix amp and headset.

    So i'm not doing anything retarded like trying to watch a movie through my tv. I could stream right to my ps 3, which would be alot slower than just using a VGA from my old crappy PC.

    But thank you CrimsonRequiem,
    robduckyworth, and cwa107 for your advice time and help.

    I hope I can get 500$ for it! It's in good shape!

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