So I was looking at the apple store (.com) and see some decent prices on refurbished imacs.

So part of me wants to save some money and buy one now, but I've been reading lately that the new imacs may come out in a few months.

I'm relatively new to buying apple computers (I only have the macbook) so is it wise to hold off and see what the new imacs look like under the hood, or just save some money and go refurbished?

A few other notes I have a PC that works it's around five years old but is starting to show it's age, lately of had to run diagnostics to get it to start correctly so I want to move to something else before something bad happens (like I lose my drive without unregistering my adobe suite and things like that)

Also, one other thing I was wondering, if I upgrade the RAM to 16 GB will I be able to run adobe dreamweaver, photoshop, premiere elements with a virtual machine like fusion or parallels or would I need to go the bootcamp route even with 16 GB of ram.