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    Question iMac 20" Rebuild Question
    Hi guys,

    I would like some quick advise on what to do with an iMac 20" 2GHz 2007 model.

    My girlfriend recently recieved it and it appears to need some work done to get it working, the screen is blank when you turn it on, but I can hear it booting and logging in. The person she recieved it from had a replacement model sent out by Apple, as they deemed this one to expensive to repair. There suggestion was that it needed a new motherboard.

    Now, my problem exisits in that I have no Mac experience at all, my profession deems me to use Windows only hardware, so I need some pointers.

    Firstly, if I were to replace the motherboard, how easily is this done? Also, is it possible to put an updated motherboard in there given the age of the iMac.

    If none of this is possible, do you have any recommendations about what to use it for other thank a very heavy paper weight?

    Many thanks


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    its probably not cost effective to replace the logic board. find the "AXXXXX" number on the machine and search ebay for a logic board with that number. The broken logic board is probably still worth $50 or so on ebay.
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