Hi -
On the advice of a Genius Bar guy, I reset my PRAM (option-command-p-r on startup, held down until second chime). The hope was that maybe that red line on the screen wasn't a dead pixel after all and a PRAM reset would help.

Lots of trouble since. iTunes, Safari, Software Update, and lots of other apps all fail to open ("quit unexpectedly"). Firefox works, but crashes when I use gmail. Chrome works, but the Shockwave and Google Talk plugins fail. Dropbox stopped syncing.

I tried to run Drive Genius 3, but that won't open either. Also repaired permissions using disk utility, which opened but didn't help.

Background: Late '07 iMac, 2 GHz Core 2 Duo, running 10.6.8

Any ideas? Just let me know if you need more background, and thanks for any help.

- Art