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    buying an imac g5.
    moving from a pc to mac, like the imac's as were moving into an apartment and dont want a tower, using it for web, emails ,photo,spread sheets,dvd's etc, dont play games, is there much advantage apart from screen size buying the 17'' over the 20'', here in nz its $800 more for the 20''. thanks martin.

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    Simple answer to me is Yes. That extra 3 inches makes quite a bit of difference in the amount of stuff you can get on the screen. My wifes eyesight isn't very good and she runs her 20" iMac at 1024. She is able to read the text at that res ok and she can get quite a bit more on the screen than you would be able to on a 17".

    If you have real good eyes you might do ok on a 17 at the higher resolutions, but i much prefer the 20" with the extra room. What do you think Dennis, you just bought the new iMac G5 with 20" screen?
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    the 20" is a bit more powerful and has a larger hard drive. it's worth a couple hundred more to have the 20" screen - but not $800 more.

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    really to be honest with you...when i bought my imac 17" i loved it...the screen was fine and it was great. now that ive been upgraded to the 20" model i LOVE IT hahah

    if its an $800 price difference you might think twice about it, but hey if you can afford it go for it...that extra bit of landscape you get with the larger screen is well worth it.

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