I currently have a macbook for my laptop. But my main machine currently is a 4 year old budget triple core Windows 7 Desktop. I leave it on all the time because its so slow. Its uses are mainly for media. I connect to its shares to stream video, I record a few shows using Windows Media Center, I use PlayOn, I use Plex, splashtop, and log me in. I am wanting to purchase a new iMac when it comes out in a few weeks/months. I have already purchased Parallels 7 and I plan to purchase EyeTV 3. I will have to set up PlayOn on a VM in Parallels. I would like to be able to let the iMac go to sleep.

My question is, If I am connecting to any of these services through my iphone, will it automatically wake my iMac up or will I have to somehow bring it out of sleep mode in order to connect to it? I guess im just not used to letting computers sleep because it has always been a pain with my machine.