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    Apr 13, 2012
    iMac 24' (2006) white screen after Apple/rotating circle
    I do have a white screen on my white iMac 24". (before I had the folder with question mark, defective HD). Tried everything...reset NVRAM, SBR. The strange thing is that I can do everything such as start-up in safe mode, X, D,V(erbose) etc. I hear the normal startup sound, the Apple sign and rotating circle but after that a white screen.

    I made a connection with firewire cable with my Macbook Pro and installed OSX Leopard fully, see everything ... wallpaper, icons etc! So harddisk is working properly but when I start up and saw the Apple and rotating circle.... the screen goed blanc!

    Because I can get to the coloured (blue) Diagnosis screen (everything 100%) I don't think the Logic board or video is faulty.... i did also replace the CR2032 battery ....

    Who can help me!!!

    regards Harry.E Netherlands

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    Apr 13, 2012
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    I did SOLVE the problem!!!

    After connecting an external monitor (disconnect lcd flatcable) I discovered that I had the famous stripes. Conclusion .... Graphics card! After disassembly it, i did the oven trick!

    The card in the oven 200 degrees 4 minutes (after pre-heating 200 degrees 10 minutes) and ..... it worked. Installed Lion and everything fine and up and running.

    CAUSE: overheating through the years

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