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Thread: SSD for Macintosh SE

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    Cool SSD for Macintosh SE
    Helping my boss with a hardcore nerd project. Trying to get his first computer, a Macintosh SE, up and running. It still powers up but the hard drive is dead. I looked at one guide but was unable to find the necessary adapters.
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    YIKES...that's a tough one!

    Definitely a "nerd" or "just see if it can be done" project...since from the financial & practicality standpoints there's not much "traction".

    Heck...just getting a "normal" IDE or SATA HD to work in an SE would be a pretty difficult project.

    Good luck,

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    Save the trouble. Buy an external scsi drive. And load the OS on that through floppys. Apple offers fress 6-7.5 free on their webiste.

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    Wow! I guess saving theses old SCSI drives I got was a good idea.

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