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    27inch IMac - humming/buzz sound - mains cable?
    Hi guys, this is my first post in macforums... would appreciate any help! i have seen from other threads on this site other people complaining that there iMac's make a small but noticeable humming sound from the top left of the computer. mine unfortunately has the same issue.

    the loudness of the sound changes as vary the brightness of the screen.. however, my guilt feeling tells me the sound is actually linked to some kind of power transistor.. this is due to when i shut the mac off i still hear a small ticking sound when the lead is plugged in (when the lead isn't plugged in there is no ticking sound).. secondly, because i have taken the iMac round to a friends house and the humming sound is different..the only thing that has changed is the power supply.

    therefore do you think a 'filtering mains' cable may help??? an electrical technician advised me that it might... here is the example he showed me. Power Cables And Conditioners Qed QONDUIT MAINS POWER CABLE |

    hope this makes sense, please any feedback to get rid of this hum would be great!


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    hi guys, does anyone have any feedback? wld like to order the cable asap if u think it might help.


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    I'm not in the UK so I can't comment on that cable although it does seem a bit expensive. I believe I would rather purchase an uninterruptible power supply which basically will do the same thing and also provide backup power in the event of a mains failure. Take a look on for UPS units and prices.

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