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    Question At what point does a Mac stop being a Mac?
    Excuse the almost Zen thread title

    An acquaintance of mine (a friend's ex-boyfriend I still talk to when he's out) works for an Apple Authorised Reseller, and while we were talking geeky stuff he mentioned that - much like with PCs - it can work-out cheaper to build a Mac from parts (if you can be bothered) than to buy one ready-built.

    Obviously, when he does this for clients his company buys all Apple parts (with the associated premiums levied by the manufacturers); but - given that it is legal to do after-market upgrades with third-party hardware - I was wondering just how much of a self-built Mac would have to be genuine Apple parts for it not to slip into the realms of being a H**kintosh? (Which I do not want to build, I just want to see if I can - as a poor student - save money on a legit Mac...)

    I'm guessing generic harddisk(s) & RAM would be ok as they are often upgraded after-market, and obviously an Apple logic board (probably from a Mac Pro) would be needed; what I'm finding to be a grey area is things like DVD drives, graphics cards, the CPU(s) if not supplied with the logic board, etc. Would those parts (for legal and/or technical reasons) need to be specific Apple-branded parts, or could I use generic replacements?

    Cheers for any insights
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    Sorry...but this is really a thinly-veiled hacintosh topic. Thread closed.

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