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    Jun 24, 2010
    Need help to buy mac pro
    Hi everyone!
    I dont know if it the good place to ask this question,but i want to buy a mac pro 8 core 3.2ghz 2008 or a mac pro 4 core 2.66ghz Nehalem 2009. My use will be mostly gaming
    in osX and bootcamp window 7. I lknow some people will said "mac are not for games...bla..bla." But still i alway played any games i wanted on mac osx/9. And the
    reason i want a mac pro is i modified almost every mac i owned before apple make consumers and professional macs. So i want a mac i can upgrade wen i need. I want
    to play games at max graphics with full resolution. i know the mac pro 2009 offer alot
    of new tech like the hyper-threading, turbo boost, and the new QuickPath Interconnect repalcing bus system. But the 8 core 3.2 2008 look to offer alot of power. So are the 2009
    new tech is better then the 3.2 8 core ?or it will be no difference on games?
    Ps: sorry for my english iam french.

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    As you say the 3.2GHz offers a lot of power with a Geekbench rating of 8565 compared to the 2.66GHz quad 8144. If the pocket runs to it a dual 2.66GHz in the 2009 model would be the go as it comes in at a whopping 14.458.

    Each will run faster gfx cards including the new 6000 series ATI Radeons.
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    Jun 24, 2010
    I can have a nice deal on the 3.2 8core 2008 for 900$ with a nice 23" apple cinema but i didn
    find any quad 2.66 2009 for now, shoud i take this ocasion or wait for a 2009?

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