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    Apr 09, 2012
    logic board compatibility
    ive stripped down my imac (2008 c2d 3.06ghz) as i have either a faulty logic board or graphics card.
    the logic board has 820-2301-A written on the top. After doing abit of research it seams that this board number is used in alot of of 24" c2d imacs but they have different part numbers depending on cpu speed. (i need a 661-4667)
    Does anyone know if the logic boards from the 2.4,2.8 (661-4666) imacs will work in my 3.06ghz imac?

    im asking cause i found a really cheap logic board on ebay that has the same board number as mine but its from a 2.4ghz imac. im hoping i can install my cpu and graphics card on the new board and away i go (if there compatible)


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    Jun 05, 2012
    same problem
    hi! i have the same problem with an iMac (same model) did you solve the with the logic board? I have a chance to get a logic board 2.8 ghz . I don't now if it would be work in a mac with 3.06 ghz.any help would be greatly appreciated. saludos!!!!

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    Apr 09, 2012
    a couple of sellers on ebay said it SHOULD work but no one would give me a definite answer

    In the end i didnt end up buy anything, my problem was the graphics card and i was able to fix that by taking off the heatsink, cleaning off the old heat paste, heating the bottom and top of the board with a heat gun for a few minutes and then i reassembled everything using new heat paste.

    2 months later its still working perfectly

    The faulty GC was causing a kernal panic on startup, i would get the spinning gear for a while and then the KP screen. i couldnt boot from cd, in safe mode or with another hard drive it would just kernal panic.

    whats the symptoms of your machine?

    if its similar to mine try the reflowing the GC with a heat gun and see if that fixes it

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    Jun 05, 2012
    Thanks for your fast reply!
    I have the same problem like you.I can't boot from cd ,safe mode ,but apple hardware test say that is the logic board failure .a year ago I send my machine to apple store and they change the graphic card. I think i would use your method to try to fix the GC .
    thanks again and any changes I'll post it .

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