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    Total number of Fans on iMac
    Hey everyone,

    Can someone verify the number of fans on the iMac? I just bought a mid-2011 model and it gets pretty warm...

    I believe there should be one for the CPU, one for the HD, and one for the ODD right??

    so 3 total..??

    Also, if I install SMC FAN CONTROL and turn the fans up for all three devices, will this cause any problems?? it ONLY controls the fans right??

    Should I only manipulate the fan for the CPU?? or is it OK to play with the fan on the ODD and the HDD as well...

    thank u very much! I just wanted to verify because I didn't wanna have the funs running so high and it might burn something...or damage something..I just bought the darn thing...Don't wanna screw it up!

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    Yes, there are three fans in your iMac:

    1. HDD

    2. CPU

    3. Optical Drive

    There is absolutely no need to install or use SMCFanControl as your iMac runs cool and does not need an "assist". Running any of the fans faster than the temperature sensors are designed to do will only make your iMac noisier and shorten the life of the fan(s).

    The iMac has an intake vent at its display bottom (near the memory module door) and an exhaust vent at the top of the display. Don't block either one.

    If you would like to monitor the temperatures and fan speeds, down the free iStat Pro Widget from here.

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