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harwell3 04-08-2012 11:02 PM

G4 Silver Door Power Mac Won't Sleep
This mirrored silver door G4 (dual 1.25Hz) cannot be put to sleep -- at least not for very long. Choosing Sleep in the Apple Menu will get a power down for perhaps 15 seconds and then the system initiates a wake up. After a recent power supply replacement, there is no variable speed on the fan, either -- it's full bore all the time.

I have experimented with the Energy Saving Panel, without success in resolving the issue. Could the wrong power supply have been installed?

harryb2448 04-08-2012 11:23 PM

Got any PCI cards installed such as USB2 which will cause these problems. As for PS check with whoever did the install. Could well be as there are quite a few models.

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