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    Question 2011 iMac, Time Capsule & External Hard Drive Question
    Hi there,

    I'm a first time contributor so please forgive me if I seem a little "wet behind the ears"...
    I have a 2011 iMac (which replaced my 2006 G5 iSight model) and a 500gb Time Capsule.
    I have my iTunes Library (which is approximately 150gb) on the Time Capsule but, given the relatively modest 500gb on the capsule there is not enough room to back up my computer.
    I have been looking at 2tb external firewire hard drives and I am hoping to move my iTunes library onto one of these and then use the capsule to back up my computer with Time Machine (the Mac has an internal 500gb hard drive). I'm hoping this will be a relatively straightforward task! The downside with this is of course, I will not have a back up of my iTunes library...with the hardware that i have does anybody have any advise or better ideas!?
    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Why not use the bigger drive for Time Machine?
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    Hi Demapples,
    Thanks for the response...apologies for the ignorance on my part but can I do that?

    Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated!

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    Yeah you can. You can open Time Machine under Preferences (click the Apple in the top left of the screen) and if it is not set up you can set the TM to on and it will prompt your to select the external drive you want to use. As long as it is plugged in to the Mac it should be selectable.

    You may be thinking 'Well... i have this Time Capsule, is it going to go to waste?'
    IDK.. You can still use it as a router (assuming that your Time Capsule is your router in your internet to computer arrangement) and even be able to plug the new 2TB drive you mentioned into the USB port in the back of the Time Capsule IF it has a USB idk if the older ones do.. I think they have one but like i said IDK.

    So worst case scenario.. use the TC as a router, and the new 2TB as a dedicated back up solution (via USB or FireWire to the iMac) via the Time Machine App on your iMac.

    hth gl

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    Much appreciated! I'll give this a're right, my Capsule is currently working as my router.
    One more question (honest!)
    Is it a big deal moving my iTunes library, which is currently on my Capsule onto the external hard drive? I've heard all sorts of horror stories about losing media (the dreaded exclamation mark when you try to play something)
    Thanks again!

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    It's not difficult to do that. Can't find the tutorial i referenced last time but this one should work How To: keep your iTunes library on an external hard drive | TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog As far as the dreaded exclamation point is concerned that usually happens because the external drive is not on or connected. As long as iTunes is opened after the drive is connected things usually work.
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