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    Post iMac G4 1GB memory upgrades available

    iMac G4 1GB memory upgrades available
    November 20, 2003 - 06:34 EST Trans Intl. today announced the availability of 1GB (Gigabyte) DDR333 (Double Data Rate) memory upgrade modules for the recently released Apple iMac G4 15-inch 1GHz Combo Drive, the iMac G4 17-inch 1.25 GHz Super Drive, and the iMac G4 20-inch 1.25 GHz Super Drive, which enables the system's main memory to be expanded up to 2GB. Pricing and availability are available from the Web site.

    My Comments: Not bad at all!

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    ....Why not from Apple
    If you can expand the iMac's memory to 2 GB, then why can't you have apple do that for you? On the iMac's site it only allows up to 1GB????

    Can someone clarify this, or am I missing something?

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    *Do I get a reward for reviving an old thread?

    The Apple site will always tell you that the G4 (1.0 & 1.25) iMacs will only support up to 1GB total RAM. I have a 1.25 G4 iMac and have the stock 256MB RAM in the factory slot and a 512MB stick in the user slot. I called Apple Help and they told me the G4 iMac can, safely, be upgraded to a max of 2GB of RAM. The catch is this: they told me that if you have Applecare and need to send your machine in for repair, you must put the RAM back to a max of 1GB as they will not offer help and/or support for anything over 1GB RAM.

    I just bought a 1GB stick of RAM from and put it into the user slot and noticed a big kick in the pants. Much faster and much smoother operation using Tiger 10.4.2 and Photoshop.

    I'll keep the 512MB RAM stick set to the side for the odd chance I would have to use my AppleCare.
    Looking for a PowerMac G4 for $500 or less USD.

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