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    Angry iMac Kernel Panics
    hey there i have a late model imac i was given recently so i dont know that much about it yet,except when i try to start it ,it shows me the must restart logo,ive hunted thru forums and tried the obvious,but it keeps going to restart menu with a grey roll down screen...saying must also wont eject my start up disc either..i dont want to throw it out the window yet but im getting close to it..please help any advice bout fixing it be appreciated..i see its called a kernel panic....thats what shows on screen..

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    I moved your post here to this forum where you're apt to get better answers. Also redid your title somewhat so that it gives us an idea of the problem.

    Now, on to your problem.....

    First, can you tell us what year and model iMac you have and which version of OS X it's running? If you can't because of the kernel panics, that's OK.

    Kernel panics are typically caused by hardware faults but sometimes can also be due to bad software. But if your iMac goes into panic right away, it's likely hardware. Try this for us:

    Reboot the machine and as soon as you hear the chime (bong) hold down the shift key and keep holding it until it starts to boot. That will get you into safe mode. Let's see if it will boot that way. Post back the results.

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