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    old G3 350mhz RAM question
    Hey, i dont know if this was posted or not, i found similar ones, but whatever. Anyways, i'm trying to find compatible RAM with my G3 350mhz, Blueberry slot loading iMac. I'm not made of money, so i'm trying to avoid buying Apple RAM, or those ones guarenteed to work. So i plan on buying 512mb and, so far i researched this like all day so far, and here's what i found i need...

    PC100 DIMM CL2 Unregistered DIMMS (or something) and my bro says it's supposed to be non-ECC... the only thing i'm not sure of is the voltage, i found some kingston RAM that's like 3.3V and i just want to know if that'll work. Any help is great.... and i have a PC that i will put that stick of RAM in, if it fails in the iMac.


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    The cheapest 512 mgs I've found is listed at $93 US$ through Macs are more sensitive to memory quality than PCs, especially for OS X. It is well worthwhile to buy good quality modules from a reputable dealer.

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    alright, thanks man, i'll keep that in mind

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