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    Unhappy Front Row: Music Videos appear in Movies
    I just got the 2.1ghz iMac 20" with Front Row. When running Front Row, my downloaded music videos (not purchased with iTunes) are cluttering up my "Movies" category by listing them there instead of under "Music Videos." When I click on the "Music Videos" category this message appears:

    "You don't have any music videos in your iTunes library. Open iTunes and purchase music videos from the iTunes music store."

    iTunes recognizes the videos I downloaded (they are .mpg files that appear fine in my iTunes library and are stored correctly in my iTunes Music folder). They show up and play great in iTunes as well, but what is not allowing them to be recognized correctly by Front Row? Is there a way to either change the file names or manually arrange Front Row lists to remove the clutter?

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    click on the movie in itunes and select get info from the file menu, you should see a tab at the top called "options" click on that and then close to the bottom of the page there should be a category selection, open the list and select music video

    hope that works!

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    Thanks! I can't believe I missed that. You'd think that "Music Videos" would be set as the default for .mpg files that you drag into the "Videos" section of iTunes. But it's a good thing I caught this early, having about 40 videos, because I wasn't able to select all and change them all at once. They had to be changed individually. Much obliged!

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    What exactly is the point of the poll?
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    I clicked on it just to see what options it would give, but there was no option to end it after I hit the submit button, so I just made something up.

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