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    Quote Originally Posted by Germany_chris View Post
    yea looks like 150 to 320 on the first page of an ebay search..but it's an '03-'04 I'd say thats kinda expensive..They are a bit more here (Germany)..The ones that really amaze me are the Quads..I like my PowerPC and all that but you can a franklin or two to the pice of a quad and get a MP and best of all lose the LCS..
    Yes...used Mac's do tend to be more pricey in some other countries. But I've seen lots of dual cpu Powermac G5's selling for $150-$200 on e-Bay here in the U.S....I even know of a couple people who got them for $100!

    In my opinion...this is a pretty awesome price for what you get! Heck...check some e-Bay listings for Powermac G5 parts (power supply, the computer housing, airport card, etc.)...and many of those exceed $100 for a single part.

    We usually suggest staying away from the Powermac G5 "quads"...they have water-cooling systems that tend to leak or get plugged up...which never leads to happy endings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Germany_chris View Post
    I disagree..because most are going to have said 4gb come with an install disk and to get going, everything on Open Source Mac is universal.
    There's nothing unique about open source software that makes it universal - that would be the developers choice. Chromium and Firefox for example are Intel only.
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    Quote Originally Posted by harryb2448 View Post
    G'day and welcome to the forums.

    As Tattooed says there are no 3.3GHz G5 Powermacs. Seems they do not know what they are talking about so suggest strongly giving this one a miss.

    Further G5 machines are all PowerPC architecture. Their day has been and gone. Many new applications simply will not run of PowerPC machines. Suggest putting your hard earned towards an Intel machine, and at least a Core 2 Duo capable of running Lion, the current operating system.
    Well all that is true, but since I do a lot of graphics and used the late great G5 when it first appeared and a while after, I can tell you that some Pro models are "souped up" with a lot more inside than the standard ones most people used. So it is possible (depending on where this one originally started life at) that it does have some of the capability described. I also have a G3 running Jaguar, also a souped up graphics Pro machine, and no, it's not slower than molasses, but it doesn't run all the newest programs, and the G5 might not either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vansmith View Post
    There's nothing unique about open source software that makes it universal - that would be the developers choice. Chromium and Firefox for example are Intel only.
    I understand that, they are still choosing universal..please don't read into the things I say I say exactly what I mean without further implications..

    Chromium is intel only, but then there is tenfourfox which is PowerPC on version to like regular FF and will accept all FF extensions.
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