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    To keep or sell 2008 Mac pro
    I have a 2008 early Mac Pro (One 2.8GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon processor) with 10 gig ram, 320gb 7200 HD, with a 500gb 5400. I have also got a new Mac Book Pro 13 inch, 2.8GHz dual-core Intel Core i7 with 120gb SSD.

    I have been thinking of upgrading the Mac Pro with more RAM, SSD and an additional 1Tb HD. Costing $500-$800. Problem being my Mac Book Pro is extremely fast and could compete with the Mac Pro as it is without the upgrades.

    I am torn between spending $500-$800 on a machine that is out dated but still good when I could save that money and upgrade to a new Mac Book Pro in 2 or 3 years time.


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    I personally wouldn't put $500-$800 into a computer that's from 2008. You would probably be better off investing that money into a newer computer in the future like you said.

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    Consider upgrading the Mac Pro. Did this with an older 2GHz Mac Pro 1.1 and installed 2 x X5355 2.66GHz quads, SSD, ATI Radeon HD4870 1GB HDD and more memory and it smokes. Geekbench returns 9214 smoking even the later models.

    Plus the advantages of four hard drive bay, tray loading super drives which MBP, MB, Minis and iMacs do not have, upgradeable gfx slots etc etc.
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    Another option is sell the Mac pro and put the 500-800 with the money from the sell towards a new one
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