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    Question G5 smashed, would be great to know what broke & missing
    hope some one could help on this one: someone dropped a G5 (2,3 dual core) and well, they stripped it from its memory, harddrive an optical drive.
    because there wasn't much left they. I could have it.
    I would like to know:
    if i could check the prosessor w/o the memory (propably not but who knows)
    if i could check the graphics card? (maybe in a windows pc, can't find what kind of graphics card it is, only that it is Nvidea)
    and if i could break it even more by trying some random DDR strips i have laying around, or does the G5 "just don't work" if i try, should it be exactly the stock memory?

    problem is that i don't know very much of apple but i do understand some normal hardware logic. also there aren't many people who drop there mac i hope i can get it running again!

    it can still be turned on but nothing more, after a few secs the fans are going crazy to protect everything. but wel i would do the same when my memory is missing

    sorry for bad grammar and other language problems!

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    You need at least one stick of memory...Mac memory to be safe. With out the HD youll get a flashing ?. I would reseat the video card. Youll have some idea if the machine comes up.

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