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    Unhappy System maintenance for beginners
    I bought an imac for my wife 18 months ago, but have not done much reading on it myself. She is totally not into any system maintenance. Mostly she does web surfing, downloading some graphics and other files occasionally. I don't think she ever installs any applications or anything scarry.

    She is complaining about a slow system: any operation seems to result in a delay, on the web or not. I have checked for too many open applications and full caches, but am not sure I even know where to find the caches. Bottom line, on the one or two occasions when I tried to clean up the system, I did not find anything out of order. There is plenty of space on the HD.

    Is there a procedure or checklist for non-enthusiasts for figuring out what is slowing things down?

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    Wrong forum! Checked over on Software...OSX & will try the suggestions at as a first step.
    My apologies for breaking protocol!

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