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    Imac and Panther?

    I am new here, and recently got an older imac at Goodwill for $12, and it had the 4 GB hd, 32 mb ram, and OS 8.1. I have upgraded it to an 80 gb hd, 256 mb ram, and i put more Vram. I also swapped out the 233 mhz and put in a 333 mhz CPU. I then bought Panther. It would install, then send me back to the "select your language" screen, instead of booting into OS X. I finally gave up and took it to a computer store and asked them to look at it. I got a call from them today saying that the computer won't be able to run Mac os X because it doesn't have a G3 processor. I was wondering if this is true, because i thought that the 233 and up were all G3 processors? Also I've read stories about people install panther on the same imac I have with only a ram upgrade.

    any response will be greatly appreciated.


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    Even with the original processor you would be able to run Panther; All CRT iMacs had G3 processors. One step you don't describe is partitioning the new hard disk. These model iMacs have a limitation in the ATA controller. The boot system must be installed in a partition of 8 gbs AND it must be the first partition on the disk. Low End Mac has good info for running these models with OS X:
    Now, rescue your iMac from those store dorks before they do serious mischief!

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    What Badger said is 100% dead on. Which store was this that said the iMac's were not G3's? I have panther on a Revision A iMac G3-233 and a REV D iMac with 333 and it works great on both. It was quite a bit faster than Jaguar that was on the machines before Panther. Read LowEndMac that Badger suggested. They have all kinds of info telling you about the 8GB boot partation limit and other things. Also it may need it's firmware updated. Low End Mac will tell you all you need to know. If you still have problems, do come back and ask away.

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    Hello There ! I have an old iMac original version G3 (233 MHz; memory 160) and installed panther on it, which works fine. So, I tryed to set it up warelessly with the USB DWL-122, apparently, doesn't work. Although, it seems to get good signal, but I can't have access to the internet. Is my iMac G3 Bondi blue, too old? Is the USB incompatible with my iMac? Help, please!!!!


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    My iMac G3 333 is running 9.2 and I am still very happy with that.

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