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    'Used' Mac mini setup for iPhone4s? Pics attached
    Hi guys.

    I've gone and done it - i've ordered a 32gb iPhone 4s to replace my Blackberry.

    Now I would like an Apple computer too to complete the switch

    Budget is tight and I am just looking for something to do the job for the next year or so (highest demands will be running iTunes properly and watching streaming video - incedently my Windows laptops have always run slowly when using iTunes).

    As I have a big TV in a spare room as well as lots of spare PC peripherals, the Mac mini looks like excellent value at 125-plus when compared to intel-based Macbooks which start at 300.

    I've been through the tech-specs and am a little confused, if you have the time, I would really appreciate some pointers such as... What should I be looking for in a Mac Mini? Is G4 a really bad idea or should I hold out for Intel?

    As a first Mac a 125 Mac Mini (G4) seems like a sensible purchase - but I've been told it may not be up to running the latest iPhone functionality. I'll be buying a new one in a year or so, so this is just a stop-gap.

    I'm a little clueless when it comes to connectors, so I have attached photos of the back of my TV to show what ports I have in the hope this will help decide on which Mac Mini would be best to give good picture quality - eg does it have to be HDMI or will analog give a good picture too?

    I would definately need wi-fi btw.

    Many thanks as always for your replies x
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    Absolutely IMO give the G4 a pass. You will want to go with at least a Core Duo, preferably a Core 2 Duo Intel Mini.
    Connection should be no problem, when/if you get your Mini we can steer you to the adapter you need (if any). The latest Mac Minis can do a direct HDMI connection, but an older version will need an adapter from Mini Display Port.
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