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Thread: Apple Cinema Display a write-off

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    Apple Cinema Display a write-off
    Hi all, I would be interested to hear your thought on an issue I have. Two days ago we had a split second power cut. My Power Mac G5 and Apple Cinema screen were in sleep mode. When I checked the machine the G5 had turned off but the scree appeared to still be in sleep mode. When I restarted the machine the screen showed no life at all, simply a series of little flashing lights in the bottom right corner. After online research, these lights appear to be code for a backlight issue. I tried restarting the machine, even reset the PRAM, but no joy. I wondered if there might be an issue with the graphics card, so took both units to my local Apple store. Their opinion was the screen is a right off, but that the graphics card in the G5 is fine. First reaction Phew, my machine is OK! Second reaction, disbelief!! My 700 3 yr old investment was now dead. I was offered alternatives as long as I spend alot of money. I bought the kit intending to work from home, but due to a change in circumstances the kit has only had very light use in the 3 1/2 years since I bought it new. This poor value for money is not sustainable or acceptable in my view and would be interested to hear about others experiences and possible solutions, ie whether the screen may be redeemable or alternatives.

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    Both the G5 and Cinema display have seen better days.... Time to modernize your computing with a new MacPro and Apple Cinema display. Lots of $$$.

    Seriously though, the older cinema display is probably not worth repairing. The backlight in that display is of the CCFL type and I really don't know how difficult it would be to change it out yourself.

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    Hi thanks for the reply.

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    Never has there been a better case than this, for the need of a surge protector and/or UPS.

    Sorry for your loss.
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