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    Wireless connection to HP C6280 with iMac
    I recently bought an iMac. I am just starting to consume the elephant that is learning what it can do and how to do it. My family has slowly been making the switch to Mac starting with iPod to iPhone to iPad to Apple TV and finally to iMac (I guess we will need a MacBook to finally be rid of all things pc but that will have to wait)

    Like many we waited because we were so software indebted to pc.

    Anyway my real question is I want to set up a wireless connection to our current printer. The printer has and Ethernet port and USB port. I have read about USB adapters that will allow the printer to receive printer "data" over my existing wifi.

    It seems pretty simple, but before I buy the adapters have any of you done this? Does it work? Are there issues I should be concerned about?

    The printer is considerd a "wireless" printer but I think it is designed that you hard wire the printer to the wifi router with Ethernet cable. I also understand there are adapters that you can plug into the Ethernet port on the printer. They look like routers. What is the easiest most trouble free means to make this happen? I intend on printing over this same connection with my pc laptop as well.

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    The printer is considered a 'Network' printer but not a wireless printer.

    But you are heading in the right direction with some kind of adapter.

    What you need is a wireless bridge. It connects to the printer via ethernet and then connects to your existing wireless network.
    As far as the printer is concerned it's connected to a wired network and will be happy.

    Have a google around for wireless bridge. You'll get multiple hits. In the UK they start around the 20 so it's a reasonably small investment.

    Personally I didn't like the extra power supply and box so I traded up to a new wireless printer and handed the old one down to the parents!

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