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    i think im in love LOL
    I think im in love i have just got my self a used IMac G5 1.8ghz 1gb ram 20inch screen and i love it altho i love my 17inch powerbook i have to say i love my IMac more lol

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    Very nice machines indeed. That said I think the natural progression for me from this PowerBook would be a PowerMac G5, though that is some time off!

    Just as well I'm not desperate to get a hold of one!!


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    I feel like I am cheating when I use PCs. :black:

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    I've got an iMac G5 also, and I can definitely say with confidence that the iMac is my favorite possession; I have ever owned. I'm glad you have found the love of your life, just keep it G-rated on the boards here.

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    Dualie Powermac G5... sometimes it's the only good thing in my day.
    "Luck favors the prepared"

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    lol i no longer have a pc in the house i got rid of it last week i gave it to my son next year well after xmas we are getting a powermac not sure what yet

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    i usually fell like i have been violated when i use a PC

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    Quote Originally Posted by fearlessfreap24
    i usually fell like i have been violated when i use a PC
    Alright, a fellow Rush fan! I bought my iMac G5 about 3 weeks ago and it's been great. I still use my 2 PCs more often though, I'm just more familiar with Windows but I'm getting there with ya'll. I especially like iMovie and GarageBand, those are 2 very cool programs. :biohazard

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