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    Which would be faster... Old Imac vs Mac Mini
    Maybe a stupid question but there you go , if so I apologise in advance .

    Which would be faster my aging iMac Intel Core Duo 2.16, or one of the new bread of Mac Minis .. primarily for photoshop and lightroom. Im trying to weigh up replacing the hard rive on the old imac see how long it lasts or just biting the bullet and buying a mac mini ... I don't like the new glossy screen imacs as I would in mainly b&w images and way to reflective

    many thanks simon

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    G'day and welcome to the forums.

    Your iMac has a Geekbench score of 2862 and a 2011 2.5GHz Mini returns 5839 so wich do you think is the quicker? For photoshop and Lightroom you may be better equipped with a Mac Pro. For instance a 2010 2.66GHz Mac Pro returns a staggering 20,299!
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    thanks for the info ... I shall confess my ignorance/old age and had never heard of geekbench ..looks a wealth of info so thank you

    although I can see two entries for my iMac (Late 2006) 2.16 .. 2869 and 3220
    but both of those are slower than a modern mini from what youve said...

    unfortunately the pro is out of my price range ,,,,, I borrowed a friends imac tonight and the glossy screen wasnt for me so its repair the old one or get the mini...

    thank you

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    Since your IMac is a Core Duo, the new Mini will be way faster. Also if you ever want to run Lion, your Core Duo will not run Lion either.

    What Harry said is good advice but the Mac Pro is not cheap but if very fast.

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    thank you

    ahhh if only the pro where an option ,,,,at 2000 unfortunately its not :-(

    so Im guessing whilst the pro would be ideal the min is capable of running photoshop/ lightroom ?


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