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    DVI cable for Mac G4 1.25ghz mirror doors MPC7455
    Can you tell me what standard the DVI socket is on the back of this model?

    I need to buy a new cable for it to connect to a new monitor.
    (The new monitor I am buying is a Viewsonic 24" VX2439WM LCD)

    I suppose I need to know what the DVI socket is on the back of this monitor is too, but the blurb on the site does not say (, maybe its a standard one that takes all types, who knows.

    There are I know, several types of DVI,
    DVI-D Single Digital Video Cable
    DVI-D Dual Digital Video Cable
    DVI-D Dual Digital Video Extension Cable
    DVI-I Analog to VGA/SVGA Video Cable
    DVI Analog Male to VGA Female Adaptor
    and I guess there are more.

    I just want to buy the right one for this use.

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    it looks like it has hdmi and vga inputs so whichever you'd prefer to use will work

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    And depending on the graphics card, most G4's had Apple Display Connect (ADC). This was Apple's way of connecting power, picture, volume and USB with one single connector that did not require its own power source. ADC looks very similar to DVI.

    And the display will probably be DVI-I and VGA connecting. Here are the various DVI connectors.

    And this is what ADC is like:-
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