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    iMac Stuperdrive and its low quality
    Alright everyone, I've scaned through the forums and have searched and have been unsucessful in finding an answer to my question. Here it is...I have an iMac 20" G5 bla bla with a superdrive that I'm find to not be so super at all. I have been tyring to burn DVD's from iDVD and from FastDVDCopy 4.0 and am very dissapointed in the turn out of the dvd's from iDVD the quality old ti book was much better (sure it took a heck of a lot longer) and when copying DVD's none of them ever work! Okay maybe one out of every 10 work. So what I'm asking is does any one know if the so called superdrive is just a piece of crap or what? I have tried cheap DVD's expensive verbatim or whatever DVD's and even Apples DVD's and I have the same problems with every one of them. So before I toss this mutha out on the street can you offer any advice?


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    Is this a new machine or did you buy it used. The superdrive is made by pioneer I think, and they're supposed to be decent drives. I'd say maybe you just got a bad drive.


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    yea the pioneer drives are spot on id say that you have a dodgy one

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    first of all the superdrives were either made by pioneer or mats-hita (mat****a)..... i bet yours is the latter. i have a mac mini with mats-hita superdrive and it has just been replaced as i had all sorts of problems.

    check this link out.

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